The 2nd T-20 cricket match of MUCC between Cantu was held on Sunday, 19th July 2020 at the JF Kennedy at 2 in the afternoon. MUCC captain Suresh Silva won the toss and elected to field first.

The best of Cantu, Imran was taken down by Roshan Silva for 36 runs. Roshan Silva and Stephan Ramesh of MUCC managed to dismiss batsmen from Cantu by trying to retain the runs of Cantu from reaching a higher score. However, Cantu ended their inning by gaining 155 runs for 8 wickets.

The start of MUCC was disastrous. The opening batsman, Lucky was duck in the fourth over. The first five began to fall in quickly by the tenth over. However, fellow opening batsman, Syed Zain administered his well performance by gaining 55 runs for MUCC. Later on Syed Zain was announced the best player of the match. Despite the hard luck of the first few batsmen, the arrival of the seventh man, the captain, the situation took a bright turn. Suresh Silva, captain of MUCC tried his level best to boost the team score from its prominent downfall but failed when he was taken down by Cantu for 32 runs. Some resistance was put up by the tail enders but they could not achieve the goal. MUCC was unfortunately dismissed for 136 runs only.