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  1. Milan United beat Cantu Milan United won by 6 wickets.
  2. Shihan WINS MAN-OF-THE-MATCH WITH MAIDEN Jinnah Brescia 59*
  3. Milan United cricket club 159 for 4 (Shihan 59*) beat Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club 158 for 9 (Pramod 3-33) by six wickets
  4. Milan United beat Pitello Milan United won by 35 runs.


Our sponsorship of the MUCC  is a way for us to support a locally loved sporting team and partner with a fantastic business that shares our values and commitment to the Derbyshire region. Through our sponsorship we have been able to provide much needed fundraising efforts for local charities, work with a local business group to develop a female leadership networking event, support the fantastic entertainment that DCCC has provided over the years, and develop an exclusive interactive process for our graduate scheme.

Family is at the heart of everything DCCC does for its supporters. We have been glad to share their wonderful family events with our local MUCC colleagues and their families, helping us enhance our strong culture.

Our Major Sponsors


  •  Future-proofed stadium technology will be provided, including full 4G Wi-Fi coverage across the Stadium and Sports Precinct.
  • Two 240m² giant video screens are some of the largest in Australia and will use the latest technology when the Stadium opens in 2018.
  • Over 1,000 TV screens are strategically located throughout the interior of the Stadium so fans never miss the action.
  • A Children’s Activity Zone within the Stadium.
  • Fans will be able to utilise more than 70 food and beverage outlets and still be able to view the action on the field.
  • A buffet and a la carte restaurant over-looking the Swan River provide a destination for patrons both pre and post‑game plus on non-event days.
  • The Stadium will include the widest range of seating and hospitality options of any stadia in Australia.
  • Cup holders are included in every seat and seats themselves will be a minimum of 50cm wide, maximising comfort for fans.

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